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Whether you are a trader or end user, our professional and well-trained engineer will be with you solving storage problems whenever you need. Communicating with customers around storage problems is an important start. In INTO, HELP CUSTOMERS SOLVE STORAGE PROBLEMS, we regard it as our mission. Mission distinguishes us from other racking manufacturers and let us be trusted by customers. When you need, our project engineer will collect your idea and technical requirements, and then design the most efficient and cost-effective storage solution for you at the same time maximizing the using value of the warehouse. IT'S ALL FREE FOR YOU.



In our installer team, there are experienced workers and a leader. The leader must have at least 5 years installation working experience. All other installers are well trained with professional services. The specialty reflects in:

Age-Limited Workers - The installer should be male less than 45 years old. This rule makes sure the strong labor of our team and the agility when they are in high space.

Fast & Safe Installation - All installers are well trained the safety regulations and installation procedure of our company before they become an installer. On project site, they have specific groups and cooperation of each other to make sure the installation is in good order.

Racking Inspection – Racking is a solid steel structure with governmental standard to be complied with in every country. After installation, a necessary inspection is performed by a trained inspector in accordance with local standards, and then provide a detailed report.